May 19, 2017

Get Started

When I got involved in politics at the end of 2008, it was because I wanted to change the gun laws in my state.

I knew what I wanted to do, but I did not have the tools, training, or funding to accomplish it.

But with the help of some mentors, a lot of trial and error, and by having the humility to learn from my mistakes — I have gone further in professional politics than I ever thought possible.

And that’s why I have built this website — to give you the tools that you can use, the tools that I wished I had when I started, to become a successful activist at the local or state level.

I will show you things like:

  • How to grow your organization from nothing into a powerful political fighting force.
  • How to lobby effectively in the state house, without getting spun by the “insiders.”
  • How to hold politicians accountable at election time, with a step-by-step election program that your organization can implement immediately.
  • How to properly use Facebook to grow the size of your organization’s lists, mobilize activists, and raise the necessary funds.
  • How to deal with threats, pressure, and the difficulties that come with being the leader of a grassroots organization.

And that’s just the beginning, as you’ll also learn mistakes to avoid, “trick-plays” to stay away from, how to properly allocate your time, and much more.

These are just tools. They are scalable.

So please don’t think that these tools only apply if you are involved in statewide political fights.

And don’t think they only work for those who are involved in gun rights politics.

These tools can work for you, in whatever political situation you are facing, if you put them to use.

I hope you will also take note of the “Upcoming Training” section, which lists upcoming training seminars that I am putting on, that you can attend if you want to learn more.

Lots of people pretend to be experts in politics, and there is no shortage of big talkers in the conservative movement today.

This website is for those activists who are serious about effecting public policy change in their community or state — using proven tactics that work in the real world.

If you have more questions, need specialized assistance in your situation, or want to schedule a training seminar in your area, please contact me using the information provided above.