Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Holding politicians accountable usually makes them mad, and they are going to attack, what to expect and how to deal with it. For a new political activist getting involved in your first legislative fight, you may be confused about the nature of your opponent. You may actually think that, more or less, we are all Read more about Can’t We All Just Get Along?[…]

Robocalls: When You Have to Act Fast!

Cheap and effective ways to mobilize people to action, fast If you work for a fairly established grassroots non-profit political organization, you hopefully have the budget to mobilize your members using direct mail, mass emails, social media, radio ads, and more. And during a protracted legislative project you are hopefully doing all of that. But Read more about Robocalls: When You Have to Act Fast![…]

How to Effectively Use Facebook to Mobilize Activists

Most people and organizations do it wrong, I’ll show you how to do it right 274 Facebook comments and 2 hours spent yelling at your laptop –- but you showed them! You used your dazzling logic and your understanding of Austrian economic theory to crush some guy on your group’s Facebook’s page who was arguing Read more about How to Effectively Use Facebook to Mobilize Activists[…]

The Group With the Biggest List Wins!

Five Easy Steps to Properly Use Events to Recruit New Activists If you’ve been internalizing the material on this website, then you’re probably starting to understand the importance of building and maintaining a list for your organization. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes made by the Conservative movement has been a failure to build Read more about The Group With the Biggest List Wins![…]